Libertyville, Vernon Hills School Officials and Residents React to Newtown, CT Shooting

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School left 27 people dead, including 20 children, according to Newtown Patch.

Local residents and school leaders are expressing their sympathy for the children and families impacted by the .

"Our hearts break for parents, classmates and staff in Newtown, CT, today," said Robin Smith Kollman, spokeswoman for Libertyville Elementary District 70.

A reader on the Libertyville Patch Facebook page commented: "God bless the children around the world!"

On Twitter, Pastor Brian Paulson from First Presbyterian of Libertyville shared a link to President Barack Obama's statement and added this: "Prayers for Conn. families."

The shooting took place Friday morning at . As reported by Newtown Patch, 27 lives were lost: 20 children, six adults and "one adult victim at a 'secondary scene' in Connecticut."

The tragedy has resulted in an outpouring of support from school districts in Libertyville and Vernon Hills.

—From Prentiss G. Lea, superintendent of Community High School District 128, who shared this message on Facebook:

"On behalf of the District 128 Board of Education, administration and staff, we express our sincere condolences to the Sandy Hook (CT) Elementary School family for the many student and adult lives lost, injured and forever changed by the unimaginable shootings at the school earlier today. We ask that the District 128 family keep those affected in Newtown, CT in your thoughts in the coming days and weeks."

—From Guy Schumacher, superintendent of Libertyville Elementary District 70:

"Dear Families and Staff,

In light of the tragic shootings that occurred today in an elementary school in Connecticut, I share with you our commitment of the safety for the children and staff of our schools.

With safety procedures and a crisis plan in place, we continue to encourage vigilance when it comes to securing all access doors, monitoring student release, and requiring visitor check in at all school offices.

While stories of this nature are incomprehensible and the connection to schools and the educational system bring the horror so deeply into light, we share with you our ongoing commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment for our Libertyville learning community.

Our thoughts are with the families throughout Newtown, Connecticut during this shockingly sad and extraordinarily complex time."

—From Nick Brown, superintendent of Hawthorn District 73:

"The Hawthorn community joins with the entire nation in extending our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this morning’s school shooting in Connecticut. While today’s shooting may be geographically removed from us, we all feel the impact very closely. The events undoubtedly weigh on all of our hearts and minds—including the hearts and minds of our children.

In answer to parent questions, we want to let you know that Hawthorn has always given priority to maintaining the safest environment possible. In light of events such as today’s, we automatically review and reinforce our safety procedures and increase our vigilance on behalf of your students. While our schools are always locked and secured during the school day, during times like these we take extra precaution to be alert, aware and secure. We are also grateful to our partners at Vernon Hills Police Department, who were available in our buildings and around the community to provide an increased security presence.

Next week, social workers and staff will be available to any child who may be struggling with the events of today. If you know your child would benefit from such support, please don’t hesitate to contact your school principal. Please keep in mind that such support is always available to your child.

Thank you to all of our parents, staff and the wider community for helping us maintain a safe, secure school environment. Thank you for working with us to maintain security protocols.

Again, please join with us in holding the people of the Sandy Hook community in our hearts."


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Jose December 15, 2012 at 01:40 AM
Jose December 15, 2012 at 01:49 AM
I feed sad obviously.. kids that won't have a chance to be grown ups and have kids of their own..is sad, i wish i could of been there as an armed security guard , i would of giving my life to protect those kids...A very sad day in America.. An armed $ 12 dollar an hour security guard could of prevented the killings.. sad, sad..Former Marine


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