Sente is 'the Clear Best Choice' for 59th District

Letter to the editor

Let me preface this letter by saying that I tend to vote Republican. I am pro-choice and I support gay marriage; but, I find myself leaning towards the right when it comes to fiscal matters, and, especially in these economic times, I tend to give more priority to those issues. That being said, when it comes to who represents my beloved hometown of Buffalo Grove in Springfield, I am even less concerned with party affiliation, and more interested in a candidate’s character, intelligence, work ethic, and record.

In all the years I have been involved in the Buffalo Grove community, I have yet to meet a State Representative as genuine, talented and effective as Carol Sente. Her unprecedented combination of accessibility to her constituents, willingness to listen, and courage to not tow the party line, but instead be logical and look for common ground in the middle of the isle, makes Carol Sente the clear best choice for State Representative in the 59th District.

Between the community events I would see Carol regularly attend, her frequent coffee shop visits in which she invites constituents to speak with her and voice their concerns and issues, and the legislation she has written, Carol quickly showed me just how lucky we were to have her representing us in the Buffalo Grove community.

In the short time she has been in Springfield, some of the legislation Carol has written includes reforming the state budget to restore fiscal accountability and manage the State’s finances like a business instead of a bureaucracy, create jobs by expanding the Small Business Development Act, improve public safety, help the environment, and make it easier to do business in Illinois.

Like many others, I have been extremely frustrated with financial mess created by our State government; however, I sincerely believe that if we had more people like Carol Sente in the General Assembly, Illinois wouldn’t be in the financial mess it is.

I strongly and without hesitation urge my fellow Buffalo Grove residents to vote for Carol Sente for State Representative in the 59th District this November. Carol is good for Buffalo Grove and good for Illinois. 

Mike Terson

Buffalo Grove

Michael Garlin September 22, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Michael - I have received more mail from Carol Sente than I have from my own children. She does seem lovely. I would recommend to stay away from the negative ads as that always makes me want to vote for the other candidate.


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