Man Snoozes While Car Burns, $3K Dog Stolen

A look at weird crimes in the north Chicago suburbs.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

At least Nero fiddled

Lake Forest police responded to a car crash and said they learned that a Chevy Aveo, driven by a Chicago man, had struck the rear of a black BMW and left the road. The driver of the BMW was not injured. While officers were on‐scene, the Aveo caught fire and was a total loss. The Chevy driver exhibited a strong odor of alcohol, could not explain what happened, and fell asleep in the rear of a squad car while officers and fire personnel attended to his burning car, police said. He later was tested as having a blood alcohol concentration of .209, police said.

Suspect impossible to identify in lineup now that she looks 10 years younger

A Palatine resident was arrested for for attempting to take a package of Olay Regenerist cream from Walmart.

Irony of the fact that Ahura Mazda is an ancient god of wisdom, intelligence, and harmony lost on area knuckleheads

Two men ran across the tops of 36 Mazdas parked at an Evanston car dealership, damaging the roofs.

Thieves refuse to tread lightly

A total of 820 tires worth $15,000 were stolen along with a 2005 Great Dane 53-foot trailer parked in an Arlington Heights storage lot.

Fiesta foul

A Palatine man was arrested for attempting to take three bottles of tequila and a bottle of margarita mix from a Palatine liquor store.

The ear muffs look innocent, too innocent

The southeast corner of the Burlington Coat Factory building in Arlington Heights was damaged by what police believe may have been a hammer. Thirteen hammer-sized holes and one large hole on a plaster wall measuring 18X8 inches were made.

It was suspicious that the customer's name was Miss. Direction

A white English bulldog valued at $3,200 was stolen from an Arlington Heights pet store while an employee was assisting another customer.


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