FBI: Larceny-Theft is Most Common Property Crime in Libertyville, Vernon Hills

The FBI recently released its 2011 Crime in the United States report, which details property and violent crimes that were reported to law enforcement across the country.

Recently-released crime reports from the FBI show that the most common property crimes in both Libertyville and Vernon Hills in 2011 were larceny-related.

Property crimes, according to the FBI, include burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft and arson. In 2011, there were 350 reports of property crime in Libertyville, including 287 reports of larceny-theft and 56 burglary reports. There were 588 property crime reports in Vernon Hills in 2011, including 535 larceny-theft reports and 51 burglary reports.

According to an FBI press release on their 2011 Crime in the United States report, there were 1,203,564 violent crimes (murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault) reported to law enforcement across the country. The number has decreased for the past five years. The number of property crimes reported—9,063,173—decreased for the ninth year in a row.

FBI reports show there were 10 violent crimes in Libertyville in 2011, including five forcible rapes, four aggravated assaults and one robbery. In Vernon Hills, there were 17 reports of violent crime, including nine aggravated assaults, four forcible rapes, three robberies and one murder.

Here are some national statistics from the FBI press release:

Violent Crime

  • The South, the most populous region in the country, accounted for 41.3 percent of all violent crimes (lesser volumes of 22.9 percent were attributed in the West, 19.5 percent in the Midwest, and 16.2 percent in the Northeast).
  • Aggravated assaults accounted for the highest number of estimated violent crimes reported to law enforcement at 62.4 percent.
  • Firearms were used in 67.8 percent of the nation’s murders, 41.3 percent of robberies, and 21.2 percent of aggravated assaults (data on weapons used during forcible rapes is not collected).
  • In 2011, 64.8 percent of murder offenses, 41.2 percent of forcible rape offenses, 28.7 percent of robbery offenses, and 56.9 percent of aggravated assault offenses were “cleared”—either by the arrest of the subject or because law enforcement encountered a circumstance beyond its control that prohibited an arrest after the subject was identified (i.e., death of the subject).

Property Crime

  • 43.2 percent of the estimated property crimes occurred in the South (followed by the West with 22.8 percent, the Midwest with 21.1 percent, and the Northeast with 13 percent).
  • Larceny-theft accounted for 68 percent of all property crimes in 2011.
  • Property crimes resulted in estimated losses of $156.6 billion.
  • Also cleared were 21.5 percent of larceny-theft offenses, 12.7 percent of burglary offenses, 11.9 percent of motor vehicle theft offenses, and 18.8 percent of arson offenses.


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